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advantages of selling as a life annuity

We are a network of real estate agencies, specialized in life annuity in all its forms. As the exclusive partner of Vitalimmo the Shared Life Annuity scheme, we are committed to allowing seniors to continue living in their homes (or take full advantage of their second home) while benefiting from an additional income.

how the sale with soluvia is going

Assistance in every step of the process Establishing contacts with institutional buyers (mutuals and provident institutions) with strong financial capacity.

An appraisal of the value of your property by an independent firm Our regional experience makes it possible to estimate if your property is likely to be acquired as a shared life annuity by an institutional investor or by an over-the-counter (OTC) agreement by an individual.

A personalized life annuity study based on regulatory pricing Your situation (age) and that of your property, will allow us to study the different situations that are available to you to find a buyer (institutional or private)

Complete information to your notary All our processes will be transmitted to your notary in full transparency (calculation method, the value of the property retained, rental value...)

A formalized offer to purchase If your property is retained by an institutional investor, the offer to purchase that will be sent to you does not contain any conditions precedent and is considered as a compromise. The transaction can be completed as soon as possible.

If you opt for a over-the-counter sale, a notarial deed with protections must be drawn up by your notary. To receive a bouquet and an annuity in the case of a traditional sale with a private buyer, your notary will be in charge of carrying out a final deed of sale.

Soluvia, is a recognized Silver Alliance solution


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