SOLUVIA, The viager solution and its network of agencies

SOLUVIA The life annuity solution and its network of agencies

We are a network of real estate agencies, specialized in life annuity in all its forms. As the exclusive partner of Vitalimmo the Shared Life Annuity scheme, we are committed to allowing seniors to continue living in their homes (or take full advantage of their second home) while benefiting from an additional income.

SOLUVIA, brings you the solution with institutional buyers (pension funds, mutuals, provident institutions) and selected private buyers with strong financial capacity.

stay at home

Stay in your home peacefully while financing your needs and desires, such as taking charge of the work to renovate your home, improving medical care coverage, or personal services.

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stay at home
have additional resources at your disposal

have additional resources at your disposal

Vitalimmo The Shaared Life Annuity scheme, radically modified the old rules of the traditional life annuity with two innovative and major components :

  • The replacement of individual buyers by reputable institutional investors (pension funds, mutuals, provident institutions, insurance companies) depersonalizing a historically morbid relationship.
  • The payment to seniors of the total occupied value of their property in the form of immediate and significant capital. Financial security is immediately obtained by converting the value of your apartment or house into a capital with a lifetime right of use recognized by his notary.

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help your children

Allow your children and grandchildren to have additional resources to help them through advance donations

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help your children

The entire  SOLUVIA team is at your disposal

Specialized in life annuity, our team of real estate experts is at your disposal everywhere in France.

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Soluvia, is a recognized Silver Alliance solution


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