Understanding Life annuity

Why is life annuity often a solution?

Today, life annuity exists in different forms:

  • Traditional historical OTC life annuity
  • New shared life annuity

Both offer the possibility of extracting cash from a property.

However, the advantages vary greatly depending on the type of life annuity.

Studies have shown that keeping a person or a couple at home increases the length of life expectancy. A source of additional income, through life annuity, also contributes to this longevity and a better quality of life at home.

The fragility of pension financing, the decline in purchasing power, the risks of loss of autonomy, and the steady increase in the cost of health and living are all questions and concerns. A life annuity, by its financial contribution, is a response to your daily needs. It allows you to fully enjoy life while remaining at home!

Objectif de réalisation d’un viager par le retraité

Objectif de réalisation d’un viager par le retraité

Soluvia, is a recognized Silver Alliance solution


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