Understanding Life annuity

The advantages of shared life annuity

Replacement of the individual buyer by an institutional investor (pension funds, mutuals, provident institutions, etc.) which is not intended to "live in the place of the senior".

The guarantee for sellers to contract with a legal entity: the latter's ability to honour payment throughout life, and any future work, taxes... due to its financial weight

Immediate payment of the capital

The seller receives the full value of the bare ownership of the property upon signature at the notary's office. To determine this amount to be paid at the time of sale, the economic value of the lifetime occupation calculated based on the market value of the property, its rental value and the life expectancy of the occupant(s). The transferor is also guaranteed to receive additional capital in the event of early payment of the property, for example in the event of leaving for a retirement home.

The seller (the creditor) has a personal Right of Use and Housing (DUH) for life in the event of an occupied life annuity

If you choose to sell your property as an occupied life annuity, it allows you to continue to occupy it for as long as you wish without changing your lifestyle. Indeed, the creditor benefits from a "Right of Use and Housing", he continues to live "at home", without any change in his daily life, throughout his life.

The seller (creditor) makes significant savings

The seller no longer pays the property tax, major works (renovation, roofing, staircase) and the trustee's fees in the event of co-ownership. Only the housing tax, the tax on household waste and rental charges remain at hir/her charge. Some exemptions taken are specific to investors.

Protection and family solidarity

The seller can use his/her bouquet to donate, partly tax-free, to his/her family. Prior information to the seller's heirs, who are also systematically recognized in the deed of sale, a right of pre-emption allowing them to buy back their relative's property after his/her death.

The advantages of shared life annuity

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